Rules and Regulations


Rules and Regulations

1.  A minimum of 80% attendance is compulsory, otherwise the student will not be allowed to appear in the Annual Examination.

2. Application for leave of absence, duly signed by the guardian must be submitted in case of any absence, within seven (7) days. Prior sanction of leave is compulsory in case of continuous absence.

3.  Students will not be granted leave from school during the session except under the following heads:

a) ailment of near relatives

b) self-ailment

4. The permission of the Principal is compulsory to leave the school during the school hours.

5. All Text Books and Exercise Books should be covered with brown paper. Name labels should be neatly pasted on the cover.

6.  All bags, boxes and water bottles must be labelled.

7.  School Diary is provided for writing remarks and home Lessons. Parents will interact through Diary.

8.  Moral behaviour and exemplary discipline are to be strictly followed.

9.  Parents / Guardians will hold Aditya Birla Vani Bharati indemnified against all claims arising through illness, accident or any other cause.

10.  Jewellery & any electronic gadgets should not be brought to school without prior permission.

11. Disciplinary action will be taken against any student involved in damaging school property by imposing a fine on him / her for such an offence along with other disciplinary actions as decided by the Disciplinary Committee.

12.  If violation of any type of rules and regulations is found by the Disciplinary Committee during the session, he /she will be given T.C. with immediate effect and parents are bound to take back their ward without raising any objection.

13. Admission criteria given by the affiliated board (CBSE) will be followed.

14. Parents / Guardians are to abide by the rules. In all matters of dispute, the decision of the management will be final and binding.


1. Regarding malpractice during Examination:

i)  He/She will be given zero in that particular test.

ii)  He/She will appear in all the other remaining tests.

iii) If a child is caught for adopting malpractice for the second time during the same academic session then T.C. will be issued immediately.

2. Promotion will be granted as per the norms of the affiliated board.

3. Tests and Examination will be conducted as per the format mentioned in the report card. 

4. All students must appear in all tests and examinations.

5. A student who fails for two consecutive years in any class will not be allowed to continue in the school.

6. Annual examination reports will be given against clearance certificate from the school office.

7. Decision of the Principal and the Committee in the matter of promotion is final and binding.


1. Guardians must inform the school office if there is any change of address.

2. E-mail Address and Phone Number must also be furnished.


1. Medical history must be furnished.

2. In case of any communicable disease, the parents should not send the child to school without observing the stipulated period of isolation as prescribed by the doctor.

3. Students are allowed to leave the campus against valid gate pass under any medical emergency.


1. Guardians must carefully read the Progress Report and return the same within 3 days, duly signed & dated by them.

2. If the original report card is lost, a duplicate copy may be issued against a fine of Rs. 100.


1. Fees are to be paid at the counter of the AXIS BANK, RISHRA BRANCH, Banerjee Fort, 13/5, N. K. Banerjee Street, Rishra, Hooghly, – 712248 from Monday to Saturday (Except Bank Holidays) between the 11th and 18th of  every month or to be paid online through the school’s portal ( between the 11th and 30th of every month.

2. Special Note: From LKG to XII, tuition fees and other fees for February & March are to be paid together between the 11th February and 18th February at the counter of the AXIS BANK, RISHRA BRANCH or between the 11th February and 28th February online.

3. Alteration of fees can be done as per the decision of the School Authority with notification.


Houses promote interaction between different age groups and foster healthy competition, team spirit, leadership and fair play. All the students are divided into four houses, namely – ADITYA (Blue), BHASKAR (Crimson), MARTAND (Green), VIVASVAN (Yellow). Each house is headed by a House Captain and Prefects. The House Masters and House Tutors oversee the House activities. Points are awarded to students throughout the year for performance in academics, cultural, literary and sports activities. The House getting the highest points is judged the best House and awarded the General Proficiency Cup.


1. Parents / Guardians can meet the Principal with prior appointment between 10:00 a.m. and 11: 00 a.m. from Monday to Friday, except holidays.

2. Parent-Teacher meeting will be held after Unit Tests and Term Examination with prior intimation.

3. Parents and guardians can meet respective Class Teachers and subject teachers between 2:00 – 2:30 p.m. (Primary) and 3:00 – 3:30 p.m. (Secondary).


1. Books are issued to students for a period of seven days.

2. The defaulter is fined Rs.10/- per day. In case of complete/ partial damage, the present cost of the book is levied.

3. Exemption of fines are made only in special cases such as examinations and holidays. The student has to deposit the book on the first day of his appearance in the school.

4. If the library issue card is lost, Rs. 50/- is charged for the issue of a fresh card.

5. Class X and Class XII students can take more than one book (Maximum four books during Vacations). Otherwise they can take only one book in the library class.

6. Teachers can take max. four books during Summer Vacation & Puja Vacation. However, they can take specimen copies and reference books as per their time table.

7. In each session teachers can take Library books for two weeks except Specimen books.

8. Fines can also be exempted under special cases with the approval of the Principal.

9. If the book is lost, the present price of the book together with 25% of the price (as interest) is charged.

10. Every child must get issued at least 07 books per year. A record of the issued books will be furnished at the end of the year.

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