We nurture leaders with vision, sagacity, sensitivity, who empower, enlighten and liberate!


Thank you for your interest in our school. At the Aditya Birla Group, we have over a century of experience in providing quality education for children in India and abroad. This Website is designed to provide an overview of our school from which you can start making an informed decision about your child’s future. This Website provides just a glimpse of our school. We hope that after reading this Website you will visit our school and see for yourself our passion and commitment to the cause of Education.


We believe that every child on this planet brings a unique gift for humanity. We need to nurture the innate abilities of the child so that the child is able to bestow this precious gift upon humanity. Every child should grow strong; physically, emotionally, mentally and in spirit. As adults it is our responsibility to ensure that every child grows in harmony, every child learns sensitivity, compassion and care, every child discovers the light within.


We welcome you to the wonderful world of Education! How should Education be? What should Education do? Is Education merely about acquiring skills to get a job? ……… As we stand at a unique point in time let us contemplate……. What should Education be about?.......


Education has to be about nurturing the immense potential within each child. It has to be about cherishing the uniqueness within each child. It has to be about knowledge and wisdom. It has to be about building a strong character. It has to be about values. Education has to be about realization of our true selves, emancipation of all and beings in harmony with the universe….


At Aditya Birla Group, we believe in touching lives. Education is one such touch point by which we are transforming lives of our children and the community. For all of us education is a passion, a commitment and a mission.


We believe that quality education encourages people to think clearly and independently. It can liberate and empower communities to create their own future. Our schools are the centres for positive social enhancement. Our schools care! Our schools share! They strongly influence the communities around them!



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