Dr. S. Ganguli
Director Education, ABMCL



Dr. Ganguli is an educationist with a wide international exposure. In an interesting career spanning over 42 years, he has been Housemaster at The Doon School, Dehra Dun where he taught for 24 years. Dr. Ganguli has written 30 text books in Chemistry and History, his specialization subjects. Short sabbaticals at Westminster School (UK), Harrow (U.K.) and Cobham Hall (U,K.), have given him a unique exposure to education in the UK.


In his current role as the Director Education, The Aditya Birla Group, he is responsible for the management and improvement of 44 of our schools across the country. He has earned an M. Sc. in Chemistry, an MA. in History, a D.Phil. and a B.Ed. In the last 15 years he has established 4 schools of international standards.


In a world of cut-throat competition, marked by excessive materialism where many take pleasure in emulating, competing and surpassing others, at Aditya Birla Vani Bharati, Rishra we take care that while the genius in each child is not only recognized and honed to a sparkle, but also it is imbued with an earnest humbleness, humility and humanity.  Aditya Birla Vani Bharati, Rishra is a world where each child's body, mind and soul are handled with effervescent empathy to help them realize their own potentials and gratify their individual ambitions and at the same time to help them become worthy of contributing to the society, nation and the world at large.


We strive to:

  • Inculcate discipline of the body, mind and soul.
  • Foster positive attitude.
  • lngrain healthy respect for all cultures and people.
  • Instill confidence, self-reliance, self-respect and honesty.
  • Expose students to the Indian culture, ethics and ethos.
  • Encourage benevolence, piety and other cardinal human virtues
  • Develop an awareness about environment and the urgency of its protection.



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