Our Heritage


We, the Adityans believe in contributing to society the intrinsic values needed for a socially, responsible, innovative and holistic educational process.


It began with Raja Baldeo Dasji who initiated a school in Pilani 109 years ago. Aditya Birla Higher Secondary School is our first Group school at Nagda, M.P. which is more than 63 years old. Today we have nearly 51 schools in most of the  states, even in remote areas like Rehla, Jharkhand where quality education is not available. Most of the schools are affiliated to CBSE, some to State Boards and ISC. About 50000 children are being educated under the guidance of almost 1500 educators. The schools work in unison and share best practices harmoniously. We all work together unitedly under the inspiring and effective guidance of our mentor and advisor Dr. S. Ganguli.

Our most zealous objective is to bring quality education to every offspring in the remotest corner. We create spaces where children are encouraged to develop aesthetically, mentally, physically, socially and emotionally. We regard schools and colleges as the centres from where waves of positive social change ripple through the entire society. Wherever we go we create centres of educational excellence.


Our  green eco-friendly educational arenas are ideal to nurture blooming buds.



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