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principal sir message

“Education is not about grounding for only a part of life  but is about training for the whole of life and the genuine aspects of living.”

Training mind is not the only objective for any education system. It enhances the efficiency but does not give fullness.

A hardcore trained mind is not creative, such a mind fails to discover. This is the reason, to find out right education we need to know the complete significance of living.


Generally, completeness of life is never our primary importance and our education system emphasizes secondary values, simply making us proficient in some branches of knowledge.

It is true that both knowledge and proficiency is our utmost necessity but to lay chief emphasis on them only leads to confusion and conflict. Love, inspired efficiency goes far beyond and is much greater than ambition driven efficiency.


We need to understand the meaning of life in a holistic way, to bring about right education, through which we can think independently, truly and directly. Correlating facts, acquiring and gathering knowledge is not education , it is just a part of it. Education is to see the significance of life as a whole. Education should help us to gain everlasting values so that we do not merely cling to formulas or catchphrases, rather it should help us to break down our social barriers, instead of emphasizing them, for they strain antipathy between man and man deeply.


Scholar producing is not the only objective of education, job hunters, technicians, skilled men and women etc. are just a by product of it. But the objective of education is to produce fearless men and women through which the universe will achieve enduring peace.


Imitating society or negatively harmonious with it should not be encouraged by the education to any men or women rather it should help him to discover the true values which comes with unbiased investigation and self awareness.


In absence of self-knowledge, self-assertion with all its aggressive and ambitious conflicts forms mirage with self-expression.

Merely indulge in gratify self-expression is not the purpose of education, it should awaken the capacity to be self-aware.





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