Aditya Birla Vani Bharati, Rishra school is the manifestation of our dream to create a school that creates leaders, entrepreneurs, change makers! The idea is to create a space where every child is able to excel at least in one area; be it academics or games or the arts.


Inclusive Infrastructure

We have created a beautiful, child friendly, sprawling campus with great facilities like ramps and lifts to nurture the goodness within every child.


Green Campus

We believe in living in harmony with nature and caring for the environment. We have created a clean, green and energy efficient campus.


Positivity and Care

We are deeply committed to providing a positive, affirmative and constructive environment that cares for the children.


Excellent Educators

We will ensure that we get the best available teachers and experts from across the world. It will be our constant endeavor to build a strong collaboration between the children, teachers, parents and society to create excellence in education.


Enchanting Learning

Learning with joy makes us want to learn more and makes our learning permanent. We have a magic bag of toys and tools to make learning interesting and fun!


Creativity and Innovation

We innovate to create excellence! We provide a vibrant, stimulating and challenging environment for staff and students to imagine, innovate and create new ways of teaching and learning. Innovative strategies for integrating learning of languages, art, craft, music, drama, sciences, society and heritage enhance learning!


Technology and Media

We use technology and various mediums judiciously to educate better, smoothen the processes and inspire our students to become independent, global learners who develop a love for lifelong learning.


Touching Lives

We believe in touching lives! We love to share! We are committed to sharing our abundance with people around us through our outreach programmes to create a positive change.




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